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I studied Knowledge Engineering at the University of Maastricht between 2002 and 2006. During this time I visited Baylor University and got my Bachelor of Science degree in 2005. The Master of Science degree quickly followed in 2006. In 2011, I finished my Ph.D. thesis. At the moment I am employed as a PostDoc at the Department of Knowledge Engineering at the University Maastricht.

During my research I focus on compuational complexity of board games. Creating strong playing programs for different games is my main task. Games which I have worked on are: Fanorona, SameGame, Stratego. Currently, I am working on Chinese Checkers.

As a Ph.D student, I assisted several courses. Some topics were: Modelling Nature, Knowledge Retrieval, Knowledge Management and Knowledge System Development, Telecommunication and Telematics, Computer Science 1 & 2, Data Structures and Algorithms.

My hobbies are Road Bicycle Racing, Photography, and of course playing board games. In 2009, I became with Slimbo Dutch Board Game Champion.

I currently work for Blueriq, a global provider of an innovative rules-driven Business Process Management (BPM) software solution. For more details on me, please have a look at my Curriculum Vitae.

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